“Sure, You Can Fit Here, Just Follow Me!”

18th Trip- Days 84-86 June 4-6, 2021 Pleasant Creek RV Resort, Mt Pleasant, UT site, 106, well 66, no 68! HA

You know it is an exciting place when you drive through a town and it tickles your interest to know more. This is how we ended up in the small town, population 3,418, of Mt Pleasant, UT. If you have been reading our blogs, you will remember a few weeks before that we had driven through here while camping in Nephi. It intrigued us so much that we quickly made campground reservations at Pleasant Creek RV Resort. So this day we pulled up to the check in. As we have always found where we camp, the staff was very friendly. We were told to follow a man on his golf cart and he would show us our campsite. As we came up to it, we had to make an impossible right turn into the site. Kevin will explain: With a long bed truck and a 26 ft HOWE (our travel trailer we named for Home On WhEels), we take up a bit of length. The guide led us to a beautiful campsite, however, we could not make the bend to get into it! There was a large rock on one side and trees on the other. After trying several times, the guide offered us another site. We made it in there in great shape. Lessons learned: you are responsible for your rig. The guide thought we could make it, but we could not. Always look and trust your spotter (my sweet wife) as you cannot see all angles from the drivers seat. It is a beautiful campground, but was laid out in a weird way.

The evenings were perfect sitting-under-the-stars times. This campground has a lot of tall trees and we even saw deer on several walks.

On Saturday, we did our exploring. We started at this museum in Mt Pleasant. They were having a yard sale in front of the museum so we had to walk in-between the things they were selling. This is a small museum and we could only go on the first floor.

Google showed us another museum that looked interesting. It is Fairview Museum in Fairview, UT. It used to be a school. When it was still a school it had a fire. You can still see the black burn marks on some places on the outside walls. It was fun to go through, as it reminded me of the middle school layout I attended. This museum has not only local and area history, but it is also very patricotic.

Old trucks.

I have a hobby of sewing (making quilts) and my eyes went right to this machine. It is a Singer Sewing Machine with Mother of Pearl. I noticed the inlaid pearl looks like quilt patterns! I wonder who used this machine. Did it get passed down generations?

The museum host told us about this “house” down the road. We had to drive past. It was an old granary that a person bought and turned into a house. What an idea!

After lunch at Home Plate Cafe, we walked the length of downtown. Most every building has a historical marker like this one. We stopped at each one, marveling at the architecture, the stories behind each building, and how they would have different businesses through time. The Sundance Kid??? Wow.

Along the outside wall of this building it says, ” To Honor Those Who Left Our Midst To Fight For Freedom.” The statues depict the different uniforms throughout time.

That evening we had our walk-about. We saw more deer and then this beautiful scene.

Part of the thrill of our camping/traveling adventures is finding small town gems. Off the beaten highway there is history made, both old and new. So when you travel, be sure to stop and see the little things, get out and read the historical markers, and in this, you will be enriched by the stories of those who have gone before us.

2 thoughts on ““Sure, You Can Fit Here, Just Follow Me!””

  1. Ohhhh boy, this post has me so excited! This is totally something we could do on a winter’s day! One of my girls loves old schools and sewing, I can hardly wait to take her. What a find! Love the photos.


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