The beginning of RV fun-Buying a truck!


Charla and I really miss traveling due to Covid restrictions. We have had several cruises cancel (including a big one to Ireland) and no one knows for sure when cruise lines will be allowed to open up for travel. Over this summer, we have taken a few small road trips: in June we went to Burley, ID and visited City of Rocks National Park, Shoshone Falls, and Snake River. For Kevin’s birthday, we went to Daniel’s Summit Lodge and had a fantastic time. But we miss going and traveling more.

Monday, August 24, 2020, Charla and I decide we want to buy a travel trailer. We look at some RV dealers online and find one we want.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 As soon as I got off work (working from home due to Covid) we drive over to Camping World. The guy said they don’t have the trailer we wanted anymore but look at this one. It had sold 25 minutes before we got there. He could have another one in a week or two. We were wondering if our little Toyota Tundra truck would pull it. We left and went to Parra’s RV (all other places were closed for the evening). The guy there said no way our truck would pull anything but a tent trailer. We didn’t want a tent trailer. So we go to eat our a favorite Mexican place, “The Crazy Bird” we call it and as we were sitting there, Kevin looks up and says, “Well, I guess we need a bigger truck.” Sure thing! After dinner, Kevin looks online at Car Max and finds 2 trucks that he likes: a Dodge Ram and a Ford. He makes an appointment for 5:00 PM the next day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 We go to Car Max and look at the two trucks. Both are great, one year old, one has 7K miles and the other 11K. I like both. We finally decided on the Dodge Ram because it is a bit roomier than the Ford interior. Bought it and drove it home. Find the 20 ft trailer trailer we want online but it is in Bozman, MT. I left a message that we will go up and get it.

2 thoughts on “The beginning of RV fun-Buying a truck!”

  1. I’m loving your stories! Brings back memories of the 1970’s (before you were born.) Reuben & I bought a mini motor home so we could travel to dog shows with our Afghan Hounds. We even drove it to the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. I’m living your excitement!


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