Don’t want to stop!

Kevin and I are get such enjoyment out of our traveling and camping. We don’t want it to stop.

We live in the mountains and Autumn, Winter, and Spring can be cold and snowy. Most of the mountain camping around us is closed for most of this time. Besides, I don’t want to camp in the snow and cold. We were so sad to have to put our travel trailer “away”, packed up for the cold. Then I got to thinking about an area 4 hours south of our home that doesn’t get too cold, hardly get snow, and is beautiful to see. Wouldn’t it be nice to have our travel trailer down there, I thought. How about we get a storage spot, keep the trailer there, and pull it out whenever we want to camp when it is too cold around here. But then I remembered how we heard of so many people who wouldn’t get a trailer because the price to store it was hundreds of dollars a month. So I didn’t say anything about my idea to Kevin. One day I got curious and decided to google search storage spaces in that area. I found one for $50 a month. Wow, a lot less than I thought. I told Kevin my idea and the cost and he said he really liked the idea. He was surprised at the low price, as well. Kevin then does some research for good storage places and would you believe…not one space available in the whole entire area there! Ugh, we were disappointed. Oh well, guess we will have to close it up for the cold months. 😦 The storage place that we wanted the most had a way to get on a wait list. So Kevin did but we didn’t hold out much hope. 5 days later, he got the call that a space was available and we could get it. It turns out the price is $37.00 a month! Wahooo!

When our next camping trip is done, we will leave the trailer at our new storage spot.

7 thoughts on “Don’t want to stop!”

    1. Thank you! Yes, we think it is a pretty good idea. Between where we live and St. George there is quite a bit of elevation gain and loss. It could get treacherous driving….especially with a trailer. I really don’t think we would have used it as much if we had to take the trailer from where we live.


    1. Yup! At least in the wintertime. It is much easier getting down there without dragging the trailer. In the spring in summer HOWE lives in our driveway, unless we are up in the mountains using it. B-)


  1. Hmmmmm… 🤔 I find myself wishing for another blog post to read! Sure looking forward to the next one. Adventure on!


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