Last Days at Glacier National Park

Bridge at Glacier National Park

Wednesday 07/21/21 We drove into the park early so we could get a parking spot at McDonald Lake. There were just two spots available.

The rain forest at Sperry Chalet Trailhead in Glacier National Park

We went on a hike called Sperry Chalet Trailhead. The sign said it was a rainforest. It all looked the same, every turn around the path all looked the same. It ended at a bridge over water.

Glacier-cold river at Glacier National Park

Kevin got his feet wet and said it was glacier-cold.

Cabins and houses line the shores of Glacier National Park

We had purchased Lake McDonald boat ride tickets months ago. It was a nice ride around the lake. We had thought it went up a river but nope. One interesting thing we saw was some houses and cabins across the lake. That land was purchased by individuals before the national park. The national park can’t take away their ownership so the park actually goes out and around them. If they ever sell, the national park has first dibs to buy it.We stopped at the visitors center on the way out. In the parking lot we saw the Oscar Myer Wiener-mobile. It was getting a lot of attention and pictures taken.

Huckleberry scones for dessert

For dinner that night, we decided to eat in West Glacier. We found an old building with Belton Grill & Dining Room & Tap Room. We were told we needed reservations or we could eat at the bar. The bar was fine. Kevin enjoyed visiting with the bartender who kept up a lively conversation. I had a Huckleberry Mojo and it was delicious. For dessert we had Huckleberry scones. Yum! We asked the bartender if huckleberries are usually sweet. He retrieved out of his stash and put some in a bowl for us. Nope, they are not sweet. He said sometimes they might be a little sweet but sweetener is added.

Our evening walk-about gave us a smoky sunset

Smoky skies still prevailed. It does make beautiful sunsets.

Moonbeam through the window

Next time, on our blog, our favorite place to visit…and we didn’t even know about it before a campground host recommended it!

One thought on “Last Days at Glacier National Park”

  1. We got up really early to see arches national park, figuring it wouldn’t be quite as busy. There were so many people. So very many. I don’t think we’ll go back. Love the photo of the moonbeam!


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