Life-Changing – Should We Do It? As indicated by previous blog posts, we tend to enjoy traveling.  It is the one of the big things that brings us enjoyment in life.  With the work-from-home option from the Covid pandemic, and the improvement in mobile internet, it went from a dream to a real possibility.  With that, there comes a lot of questions.  Would we live in our travel trailer full time, with no “home base”?  What does a home base look like?  We looked into buying bare land and basically putting a garage on it.  We looked into full scale RV resorts with park models (small mobile homes).  The HOA fees were CRAZY EXPENSIVE!  They would be great if you wanted to be in group activities all the time, but we knew we would be away traveling so much and not take advantage of enough of the amenities to make it worth it.  Plus, in almost all of the resorts, you do not own the land, you just own the park model (trailer) on the land.

We are members of Escapees RV club, and they put out a very nice magazine.  In the back of the magazine there was a two line advertisement for RV homes in Arizona.  I was intrigued.  It is a complete neighborhood of 2-3 bedroom homes with HUGE RV garages!  The subdivision is in Fort Mohave AZ.  We went down to look at it, and check out the area, and pretty much fell in love.  It would be a nice home base to come back to and regroup, repair, and relax so we could get back out and travel again.  

The lots were selling fast!  We put a deposit down on the lot, and went back home to think about it.  We no longer needed a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house.  We had no real ties to where we were, so we decided to move on.  

I think, for Charla and I, we think, ponder, and pray for a long time.  When it is time to pull the trigger, things happened fast!  All in the process of two weeks, we finalized the purchase of the new home base, rented a 10×20 ft temperature controlled storage unit, (it gets super hot in the summer in Fort Mohave) changed jobs, and put our house on the market!

Since we are having a house built in Fort Mohave, we thought it would be nice to be within several hours to where the house is being built.  We found a nice campground in Needles called Desert View.  We took HOWE (our travel trailer, Home On WhEels) down to Needles, California to the campground.  We then returned, and got ready for next steps.

Our house sold very quickly.  We knew it would.  We packed up a U-Haul and headed south!  The builder of our home base is very meticulous.  Also, we are number 17 on the list for houses being built.  We realized it would take quite a while.  In the meantime, I am settling into my new job, trailer life, and our new adventure! Plus, so much in the surrounding area to explore.

Our FULL-TIME TRAVELING ADVENTURE started February 9, 2022. We have so many stories to share with you. We hope you continue to read and “ride along” with us. Thank you.

A week before we moved, our snow shovels sold (NOT doing cold anymore), Kevin gets the ice scraper out to “shovel” the large driveway. Just kidding. 🙂 He used it on the car.
Charla wrote this; HOWE (our travel trailer) is our new home.
1st Campground as “Full-Timers.” Desert View RV in Needles, CA
All our things for our “home base” house fit in 10×20 ft storage container. Pink Duct Tape means Charla wanted those close to the door in case we need something while the “home base” is being built.
Perfect weather and temperature in Needles, CA in February, 2022.

6 thoughts on “LIFE-CHANGING…Should We Do It?!”

  1. Such a beautiful story
    We are thrilled for you
    Thank you both for letting us ride along with you through your blogs


  2. You should and you did!!! It’s a God thing it all fell in place like it did. Amazing.
    You two are the best and we hope to visit somewhere along the way. Love you guys!


  3. P. S. Love the “snow shovel”, how nice of Utah to give you one last snowy memory, good reminder of why you were wanting to leave!


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