Being Deaf & Almost Getting Hit In A Mall Parking Lot In Las Vegas.

Watching Bryce Play Baseball In Henderson, NV. 06/22

It was very nice to be at a big city and pick up some needed things that aren’t available in smaller towns. We came to Las Vegas to watch our friend play baseball and to visit with my aunt and uncle. First stop was to Williams-Sonoma where I got a vegetable peeler. (My Pampered Chef one is in storage.) The cheap one I had from Walmart broke the other day. Then to Lens Crafters for glass cleaning cloths. It is at an outdoor mall. Really nice! We couldn’t find the store. Kevin called them and they are inside Macy’s, the first store we walked through. HA We got what we needed. In the parking lot, a younger lady in a truck was stopped in the middle of the road. I thought she was waiting for someone to pull out so she could get their spot but Kevin said she was dropping someone off. We walked past her staying close to the parked cars when suddenly Kevin grabbed my arm hard and pulled me far left to the other side of him. It turns out that lady wasn’t watching when she started driving and almost hit me!!! Scary. I am deaf and couldn’t hear the motor. I am so thankful Kevin is hearing and upon hearing the motor saved me! My hero. 🙂

This Lady Was Heading To Walmart And No One Was To Get In Her Way. 🙂

I don’t know this lady but her “drive” (pun intended) to get to where she was going was strong. Good for her!

By the time we were hungry. We found L&L Hawaiian, which I knew Kevin liked where we used to live. The food was fine, rated it “Once A Year.” Then to Costco. Oh how I miss Costco!!!! There isn’t one within 2 1/2 hours of Flagstaff. It was crowded but we weren’t in a hurry and just took our time. I got 2 packages of hamburger & some pork roasts, both of which I used my Food Saver with after we got home. Food Saver is a vacuum system that takes out all the air from the package. It makes food last a long time. Got some other things as well, but not toilet paper…not enough room in HOWE. 🙂 On the way home, we stopped at a new Maverick gas station – it even has RV lanes! Very nice. Maverick is Kevin’s favorite convenience store. We didn’t need the RV lanes but needed drinks. HAHA

Adding To The Door. Las Vegas. 06/22

The window in this door was clear glass. It made it hot when the sun would shine through. We bought this window film and Kevin installed it. We like it as it makes it so someone on the steps can’t see in but we can see the silhouette. Also, not so hot.

I have been doing a lot of reading. I am reading “The President’s Man” by President Nixon’s Aide. Very interesting and I like it. I made Tater Tot Casserole in my smallest Pampered Chef baking dish. It was perfect size. By then the sun had set and we went to the pool and hot tub. We were very surprised that we were the only ones in the pool and only 1 guy sitting in the recliners. The pool was colder than the other day. Again, surprised, since the day had been 97 degrees. We quickly ended up in the hot tub. Another couple came in. We had a nice visit with them. They are full time, too, and here helping their son convert a van for camping. 

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort – A True Resort. One Of Our Favorite Campgrounds. 06/22

We met my aunt and uncle outside their place here in Las Vegas and then rode with them to Bahama Breeze. We all shared an appetizer and then each couple shared the coconut dinner. Everything was perfection. Even the broccoli was perfectly cooked with a nice buttery flavor. The yellow rice was scrumptious. I also liked the tall ceilings and decor of the building. I liked it so much that I put the address in my phone book so we can go there again. Back to aunt and uncle’s place to place to play the card game “Golf” with them. It was a lot of fun. We love visiting with them.

Bryce Hits The Ball. Henderson, NV 06/22

Up early to be at the ballgame across town in Henderson by 8:00 am. The weather was perfect and always a thrill to watch our friend, Bryce. He is a senior in high school now. The first game, the other team didn’t have enough players because the coach said they thought they played at 9:00. They are from Vegas so there wasn’t even the time zone excuse. The coach was very angry at the game-recorder and said the F-bomb. Not good! He finally told the umpire they would forfeit. The teams decided to play a scrimmage game, which I thought was nice, for the boys to be able to play. Later the coach changed it to not be a forfeit game. What? Anyway, we won. The second game started right afterward and we lost. Later we met Bryce and his parents, Brian and Heather, at Sunset Casino for visiting and dinner. We ate at the kind of fancy Italian place at the casino. It was good and we were all full afterward.

Sunday, got up even earlier to get going and to get HOWE (the name of our 5th wheel Alliance Avenue, Home On WhEels) all packed up for travel day. Got to the baseball park right as the game started. The game was a good one and very close. This was the last game for us to see Bryce play while in high school. He is a young man who has always been a joy to watch. Not only is he a great baseball player but he has the attitude you want to see. He is very encouraging to his teammates and the players on the other team. For example, one time when the play was extremely close, he got thrown out at first base. He got up, looked at the first baseman and said, “good play.” We have known him since he was two years old. Our dear friends walked us over and had a look inside HOWE. They were very impressed. Then we closed it up and headed to J&H RV Park in Flagstaff.

Tater Tot Casserole
1 lb hamburger
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 can cream of mushroom soup
8 oz sour cream (or you can substitute 1 cup of milk)
1 pkg (16 oz) tater tots
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
Brown onion and hamburger. Drain.
Line bottom of 9×13-inch pan with hamburger and onion.
Mix soup and sour cream (or milk) together. Mix well and pour over meat mixture. Top with partially thawed tater tots.
Bake at 450° for 35 minutes.
Remove and add grated cheese. Bake again for 3 minutes more or until cheese is melted.
Who is hungry now? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Being Deaf & Almost Getting Hit In A Mall Parking Lot In Las Vegas.”

  1. I am hungry now! That tater tot casserole sounds very good. I will have to keep the Oasis RV resort in Vegas in mind. Dan’s son lives in Vegas. It will be awhile, but perhaps someday we will head that way. I am glad you were not hit by the truck. We almost got hit once when walking into a Costco. A parked car just started backing up, didn’t even look! Now, we walk down the middle of the aisle. That is a fine young man to say, “Good Play” when he was thrown out. The world needs more like him! Safe travels!


    1. Yes, parking lots can be scary places, for sure. Glad you didn’t get hit in Costco. Thank you for your kind words. Happy travels to you!


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