Sharing A Week In Our Traveling Full-Time Life! :)

Washer and dryer – two of my favorite things in our 2022 Alliance Avenue 5th Wheel.

Cold, down in the 30s overnight mid-April at Southern Oregon RV Park in Central Point. We didn’t feel cold inside HOWE (our 5th wheel, “Home On WhEels”). One morning we walked to the campground laundry. One of my favorite things in our Home On Wheels is my Splendide washer and dryer. They work great! This day I wanted to wash our large comforter in the large campground machines. We saw we needed quarters so went to the office and bought some. The lady there was new and being trained. The guy said that since Covid, the banks didn’t want to touch the quarters and so every business has to roll their own.  Back to the laundry to start the wash. The machine stopped counting my quarters so I was thankful the man and lady had just walked in to continue her training. He had to work quite a bit but finally got the quarters unstuck.

One morning I texted my uncle a happy birthday. Then I told Kevin it was his birthday. As soon as I said that, I realized the birthday app I had hadn’t refreshed and it was still showing there was a birthday from yesterday that I thought was for today. HA! I texted my uncle saying oops, his birthday is tomorrow but might as well celebrate both days. HAHA He liked that! 

My mom wants to pick up again on learning American Sign Language. I lost all my hearing 3 years ago and am 100% deaf. So once a week we have a FaceTime American Sign Language class. She is doing well! She works out the signs to tell me about her week. At one point I said the word “paper” for her to sign. All of a sudden I see across the room from me this dramatic flaying of hands and Kevin is at his desk and slaps the palms together. It was so loud that mom heard it through the mic on my laptop. But wrong, he signed “school” not “paper” and mom and I couldn’t stop laughing at him. 🤪

Mid-day we got a knock at the door. Kevin heard it and answered. Of course, he was on two phone calls for work. HA The guy told Kevin his truck wasn’t working and so he had a work van but no hitch and the campground was making him move from one side to over here. Could he borrow our hitch? Yes, Kevin got it for him. Then Kevin told me to keep a watch out and pointed out the window. (He was still trying to listen in on one of his phone call meetings and I didn’t quite get the story but knew I would later.) So I keep an eye out. A short while later the guy brought the hitch back. Later this evening when walking around the campground for fun Kevin pointed the guy’s trailer out to me. Oh goodness…I had thought he said to watch the guy right next to us. 🤪 Guy that borrowed the hitch was several sites down and could have totally driven away with it because I wasn’t watching that guy. OH we laughed at that. 

Ti’lomikh Falls, Gold Hill, OR 04/23

Right next to this campground is The Expo, Jackson County Fairgrounds. It looks like over the weekend they had an old equipment auction. Kevin enjoyed watching some of the equipment be started up today. Some of the tractors and truck spewed blue smoke and he got a kick out of that as it reminded him of growing up on a farm in Missouri. When Kevin was done with work we drove 1 mile to the post office. Then we continued driving around. We went west of Central Point, up along the hills. The houses are older but look well kept and yards are clean. We followed the road north to Gold Hill and then turned south. I saw a brown sign for Ti’lomikh Falls. I quickly looked it up and it was only a mile away so we turned around. It is up a canyon along Rogue River. We parked and walked a short distance. The falls aren’t big waterfalls but are a series of whitewater cascades. They are very impressive and we sure wouldn’t want to canoe down them! The weather at that time was cloudy and 50° so we were glad to have our winter jackets in the truck. Back in the truck we headed home to HOWE “unless you want to stop somewhere and eat” he said. Yes, I wanted KFC. Now, near where we used to live there were two KFCs and they were definitely hit or miss. Mostly miss. Chicken was usually raw or hard as a rock. We hadn’t been to one in years. I was so hungry for it lately and we decided to try one here. Jack pot! It was fresh, cooked, delicious and I told Kevin it was bad we found this great place when we just got here…two more weeks of being so close. HAHA (We didn’t go eat there again, though.) Here is a link to Central Point, OR history: Central Point

Working away and the power went out. Kevin saw there was no power to the site pedestal so he went to the office. He notice the exit signs were lite up and knew the power was off there, too. Lady said the area was out of power and power company estimated the time for it to be fixed around 2:00. It turned on about 1:15. So so so thankful for batteries – they stayed fully charged the entire day, for solar panels, and that Kevin was fully able to work and I was able to continue my stuff. So thankful also for Starlink, satellite internet, that didn’t dip at all. Kevin brought up the point that if we were at a sticks and bricks house, he wouldn’t have been able to work because the power would be out at the internet connection. So cool! At quittin’ time Kevin took a nap and I sat by him and read. Later he said he had a big question: Sonic or Taco Bell. HAHA Love those questions! I said, “does that sound better to you than turkey in a skillet and canned veggies?” HAHA Yep. Taco Bell it was. We had a movie night.

I put a pork roast in the crockpot with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce for dinner one day. After work we drove a few miles to Rogue Creamery in downtown Central Point. It turned out to be a very small place, about the size of HOWE inside. Definitely not the size of Tillamook Creamry! They had cheese, crackers, and knickknacks for sale. Behind there is a window to watch something done with cheese but they were just finishing cleaning up. At the counter we tried a few samples. This place won the world cheese competition for blue cheese. We had to try some of that.

Off to the side is a kitchen where you can buy 2 kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches: Oregon Blue Cheese and Stout Cheddar. We decided to get one of each to share. Gooey deliciousness!

Central Point, OR 04/23

I made a “few” other purchases. HAHA A beautiful round, Oregon Red Alder cheese/cutting board, Smokey Blue Cheese, Jefferson Cheddar Cheese, and a bottle of Blue Heaven Blue Cheese Powder. I learned about a farm stand at the dairy farm in Grants Pass online when I was researching the creamery. The worker told us that tours at the farm are 10:00 and 2:00. We think we will go there this weekend. We were so full from the sandwiches that the BBQ pork done in the crockpot was served the next night. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sharing A Week In Our Traveling Full-Time Life! :)”

  1. Lots of good adventures and pretty scenery! You gave me a good laugh keeping an eye on the wrong guy! I am sure the right guy appreciated Kevin lending him the hitch. How wonderful your mom is learning ASL. The BBQ pork in the crock pot sounds delicious and easy. That’s my kind of cooking! Either that or KFC! 🙂 Your washer and dryer look nice. We don’t have a washer/dryer in our travel trailer as we are not full time. But I can see how it would be nice. I look forward to reading more about your travels in Oregon!

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    1. Thanks, Betty. I still laugh at me “watching” the wrong guy. Haha For the BBQ pork, yes, just dump Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce over the roast and cook all day in the crockpot. Now I am hungry for KFC, though. 😉 Excuse me while I go searching for one.

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