Checking out Arizona, Our Thoughts

Superior, AZ January 2021

I mean, wow, right?! The rocks, the clouds, the sun, the light all work together to make my jaw drop in awe. This is Superior, AZ.

Superior, AZ January 2021

The desert sun illuminating the rugged rocks with blue sky and clouds around took our breath away. We didn’t want to leave.

Tucson, AZ January 2021

We took a whole day and explored around Tucson. Here you see the old and the new. We will definitely go back and discover more of the history in this place. (Some things were closed due to Covid.)

Tucson, AZ January 2021

You know Kevin and I drive around a lot. 🙂 We found a road on a map that looked interesting. We followed it this way and that way and at times it was going the “wrong” direction from where we thought it should go. But after a while we started up the road to Mt Lemmon. This picture is towards the bottom of the drive and you can see Tucson down below.

Mt Lemmon, AZ January 2021

There is a ski resort at the top of Mt Lemmon and a cute, small village. We even saw some snow on the top of the trees. The views all around have you seeing flat land and then this tall mountain.

Arizona “Check it out” trip. Jan 15-24, 2021

Desert sunsets are stunning. Add a few palm trees and wow.

Our thoughts on Arizona (written by Kevin):

We had a great time discovering Arizona. My perception would have been it would only be saguaro cactuses and sand. This could not be farther from the truth. There were mountains, trees, and diversity everywhere. It was great to check out the history of the towns in the area. I am sure we visited at the perfect time of year (January) but I could really see this as a winter “home base” in the future. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Checking out Arizona, Our Thoughts”

  1. Thanks for the glimpse of Tuscan. Our friends just bought a home there. Looking forward to visiting them sometime soon.


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