Getting Out Of The Heat.

20th trip – days 90-93, June 18-20, 2021 Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT

Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT June 18-20, 2021

Wow-eee! This place is amazing! And we almost didn’t come here. A long while back, Kevin and I booked a campsite at Diamond Fork up Spanish Fork Canyon. We drove there one day to see what it is like. What is there? Beauty and a paved camp site. But no power, water, or dump. Sunday, coming back from Jordanelle, he said he was a bit nervous about two things: 1. Cell service and 2. We have been having record breaking heat. In fact, last week was the hottest ever on record here. We knew it would be hot and without shore power, we can’t run our A/C. We can use our generator but we don’t want it to be on too long. So, Sunday when we got home, we canceled Diamond Fork and looked for another place to stay. Because of higher elevation, Jordanelle State Park was a good 10 degrees cooler last week than in the valley so it seemed a good area to come back to. Unfortunately, Jordanelle is full this week. I didn’t look at campgrounds too far off the beaten path because Kevin needs good cell service. I looked online at Mountain Valley RV Resort. I had tried several times in the past and it is always full. Well, wouldn’t ya know, there was 1 campsite available. We booked it. This place is voted one of the most luxurious resorts the 1/2 of the US. Updated note: Mountain Valley RV Resort is now rated #1 in the whole US by voters and readers of US Today. And yes, we can see why.

Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT June 18-20, 2021

We have stayed at other places with “resort” in the name but they don’t compare to this. Our site is 80 feet long, grass the entire sides of us, concrete underneath us and a great picnic table. This is listed as a “deluxe” but it was all that was available.  HAHA They have two sections, one with kids and one adults-only. We are in the area with kids but the few we have seen are well behaved. This place has an adult-only club house, pool, and hot tub. Knowing this, I went shopping today and ended up with two swimming suits. 🙂 When we started setting up our site, Kevin was pressing the button for the slide to extend, he didn’t realize a 12-can box of Diet Coke had gotten wedged along the side. As it went out, it exploded some of the cans. What a mess…all over the floor and counters. Plus it popped off the framing trim. Thankfully it popped back on.I was able to get the pop cleaned up but I got extremely hot. I don’t normally sweat but I was and I knew I was way too hot.

Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT June 18-20, 2021

Hum, looks like Kevin only has a head! HAHAHA

As soon as we got set up, we changed and went to the pool. It felt wonderful and cooled us both down to perfect temperatures. There were only a few other people in the pool. We were in there for about an hour. Then we went to the hot tub and oh, it was like a hot bath. 🙂 After we relaxed there, we were the only ones in the whole area now, we got out and air dried on the pool chairs. Soon I was getting hungry so we headed back to HOWE (our travel trailer name: Home On WhEels). I had made bbq beef in the crockpot yesterday and then put some in a food saver bag. We had that on buns, some potato salad and macaroni salad. We ate outside; the weather was absolutely perfect. After that, it was time for our walk-about. This place is huge!  Kevin was able to chat with quite a few people and that made me glad. (I am deaf.) Back to HOWE and Kevin wanted to swim again. We went but I just sat in a pool chair and read a book. So relaxing. Kevin was able to visit with 4 people while swimming and relaxing. Back to HOWE. Kevin “ordered” his dream truck for full time RV and it isn’t a bad price at all. Hum….

Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT June 18-20, 2021

We didn’t do much the next day. We hung around the campground reading, napping and of course lots of time in the adults-only pool and hot tub.

Dinner on the picnic table. Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT June 18-20, 2021

Last week at our home, Kevin smoked a brisket. He didn’t use anything on it except for some salt and pepper. It tasted divine! I have a Food Saver that takes most of the air out of the bag and then seals it. This device makes food last a lot longer. I highly recommend it to everyone. With the leftover brisket, I put it in several Food Saver bags and sealed it up. The nice thing is, you can plop the sealed bag in boiling water and heat up the food. I did this with the brisket and it held the moisture, flavor and deliciousness.

Mountain Valley RV Resort, Heber, UT June 18-20, 2021

On our evening walk-about, we saw this and doubled over laughing. A guy was in his golf cart and was “walking” his dog around the park. What a clever idea. 🙂

Another great weekend. It was nice to be 1500 ft higher in elevation as that made being higher in the mountains made it much cooler.

3 thoughts on “Getting Out Of The Heat.”

  1. It’s fun(ny) to read about the hot weather after the cold spell we just had!! We LOVE our food saver. CRAZY experience with the Coke! (Hopefully with it being Diet Coke, it won’t be eternally sticky!) So glad you had a nice cool pool on the trip…floating head and all. 😉


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