Thank You, Readers. Welcome, New Year

Kevin and I are very thankful to each of you who take the time to read about our travels. We enjoy sharing our entries from our travel journal. We started the travel journal for ourselves when we bought our travel trailer in September, 2020. We had so many friends and family who wanted to know more and to “come along with us” so we decided to post our journal on this blog. I posted a lot of the stats when we marked our 1 year, in September. Today I want to share a highlight or two from the year 2021.

7 quilts have been made this year while traveling in HOWE. (HOWE is the name of our travel trailer – Home On WhEls, pronounced How-ee). This one pictured is called “Carpenter’s Wheel”. I have since finished the border and am in the process of doing the binding.

This shirt I got Kevin really sums up all about us! HAHA

Thank you, again, for coming along with us through this blog. In 2021, we camped 138 days, so there is still a lot to share with you. Keep checking back. You can even sign up for email alert when a new blog is posted. We try to add a new post on Fridays.

10 thoughts on “Thank You, Readers. Welcome, New Year”

  1. So, Charla, did you intend to say that you bought your HOWE in September 2020, instead of 2021? BTW, That quilt is gorgeous!


  2. Hi Kevin and Charla! I think of you often and am so excited to find your blog. You have always inspired me to learn and grow. The idea of a small travel trailer has been on my mind for awhile. I’ll love to follow your trips in the meantime. Hope to connect soon! Take care and God bless.


  3. YAY!!! You posted a quilt! I would love to see all seven in a blog post someday. What a great year you had. Like some of the commenters above, I, too, am in love with the photos! So bright, crisp, and clear, I almost feel like I am there. (If only I could smell the amazing meals you make, I’d be in heaven!) I’m excited to see what the year ahead brings. XOXO


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