Time Zones & Do I Want His Autograph?

November Weather,Flowers, Sunny & 70s! Needles, CA 11/22

I need to stop reading!!! This seems to be my mantra often. See, the problem is, I “look” for a book from the library “just to have” in case I am bored and need something to read. But the problem is, there are so many awesome books and I just happen to find them! Then, I can’t put the book down. Nothing else gets done that was planned for the day – no sewing, nothing. I did manage to cook a nice lunch, though. HAHA

San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, AZ 11/22

Perfect, sunny weather for our travel day from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Driving up to Flagstaff from the east is neat. You are in desert which is mostly flat with dry creek beds making rolling hills. Then in the distance you see something, is it a mountain or clouds? Getting closer you see the beautiful volcanic mountains of San Francisco Peaks. Snow on top and green Ponderosa Pine trees at the bottom. We stayed in this area for a few months this summer but we didn’t stop today. I am so thankful that it wasn’t as super cold at Williams, AZ last night. The elevation is 6765 ft and there is snow in the shade. Last night it got to 32°. Glad we weren’t here the night before where it got down to 18°! Yeah. We had a great night and left Grand Canyon Railroad RV around 8:30 AM. The drive was very pretty and sunny. It got to be warmer as we came down the mountains. The high desert has snow in the shade and leaves are green.

Green Farmland of Mohave Valley, AZ 11/22

Got to Desert View RV campground in Needles, CA and all set up. Kevin visited with Pete, the manager, a little. This was the first place we stayed at when we went Full-Time back in February. Kevin fixed the latches on the basement(storage at the bottom of the 5th wheel) this morning. Alliance didn’t add screws in the spots on the sides and it threw the latch system off. Kevin found out about that and how to adjust it on YouTube – the guy even answered his question on the next show and added “Kevin D”. Kevin thought I wanted his autograph, since he is famous now! I told him to take out the trash. 🙂

“Spring Planting” in November! Bullhead City, AZ 11/22

Kevin and I have never been bothered by time zone changes all the years we have traveled. Time changes from daylight saving time hasn’t bothered us either. However… on 11/05/22 traveling from New Mexico, which is mountain daylight time, to Williams, AZ which is mountain standard time, we gained an hour. The next day we traveled to Needles, CA which is just over the time zone border and is pacific daylight time. We gained an hour. But then, it was the day for most places to end daylight saving time so we gained another hour being in Needles, CA. Confusing? HAHA I told Kevin I think we extended our life by several hours. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Time Zones & Do I Want His Autograph?”

  1. The picture of the San Francisco Peaks is glorious. And the one of the Mohave Valley is great, too. These kinds of views are what make travel so appealing. To me, it seems to say, “There’s a great big world out there!”


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