Charla Learning To Drive (?) & Kevin Bowling Down Decorations!

I Learned To Back Up…Perfectly! 😉

Time to learn to drive this? In March we bought our Ram, 3500, long bed, 1 ton, king cab, gigantic, mammoth truck! It is so long it doesn’t fit in a parking spot. So, I haven’t driven it. We got the bigger truck when we bought our new 2022 Alliance Avenue 5th Wheel (named HOWE, Home On WhEels). Until Oct 1, we also had our car with us to use but now it is in storage. I decided it was time for me to learn to drive! HAHA Actually, I definitely know how to drive but needed to learn about how to start a diesel truck and practice driving something so wide and long. We went over to where there is a wide road with hardly any traffic to practice.

So Proud Of My Parking! Well, Maybe Won’t Back In Anywhere. HAHA

Kevin had me practice backing into a parking space, yeah, well. 🙂 He is so great and patient and a great teacher. It was good.

When we left Needles, California, we drove to Las Vegas to meet my uncle and aunt for lunch. The casino parking lot is huge and we parked in the back along with other RVs. Very easy. Inside the casino the restaurant had a 45 minute wait…and it was only 10:50 AM! We didn’t want to wait that long so we got in their car and went to Hash House. Kevin and I split a chicken hash. After a lovely visit we were off heading north to St George, Utah. The entire drive from Needles to St George is about 3 1/2 hours. That is, until you have to stop for traffic in the bridge construction at Mesquite, Nevada. This has been under construction since we first came down to Las Vegas with our first HOWE in 2020. I knew to time it and even through traffic was pretty light it took an 1 hour to get through. That is fine and we accounted for it; glad we weren’t in a hurry. We know the campground we are going to so if it is after dark, we know where and how.

Just as we got to the campground the sun had set. We went to the office, was welcomed back, and got the info and site we had picked out when we booked the reservation. We drove to our site and…someone was in our spot! First time that has happened to us. Drove on back to the office. They said, hum, sometimes people don’t leave and after Kevin told them no vehicle was there at the trailer, said that sometimes people are out and about and sometimes they actually leave, thinking they have until the next day to get their trailer out. Yikes! After 3 owners/workers discussed it they realized it was the office mistake. Kevin and I weren’t worried, as we knew they would make it right somehow. They knew my parents are camping with us for a week and we had set their reservation campsite next to us. Well, it turns out we got an upgrade, pull through site, no additional charge, for the 2 weeks we are here and we don’t have to move sites. Yeah! Nice thing is, we are right across the road from my parent’s site so it all works out great. Even if we were on the other side of the campground, it would have been fine with us. It is nice to not have to pack up, move the slides, unhook and all that to move sites in the middle of a stay. Everyone is Happy Campers!

See His Wind-Up For Throwing? See His Mischievous Look?

Kevin is in trouble! Big time! He grabbed my cute little pumpkin Thanksgiving decorations and started throwing them at…

Pumpkin Mid-Flight!

And he scores! He knocks down a decoration frame. OH, another funny….

We had that top frame decoration upside down the entire time. 3 sets of visitors never noticed. Kevin and I thought that was hilarious!

A Christmas Tree Or A Feather Duster? 🙂

The day after Thanksgiving, my mom wanted to go shopping for a Christmas tree. She wanted to get a 4 ft one because her tree at her house is too heavy to bring up the stairs. We went to Walmart around 9:30 AM. This being Black Friday, we thought it might be crazy busy but it wasn’t. Not crowded at all. Kevin and I laughed at this “tree” and wondered if he could go around HOWE and dust with it! HAHA Okay, I do the dusting. But if I got this for him, maybe he would do it????

Thank you so much for reading. Next time we will show you how we decorated for the holidays.


5 thoughts on “Charla Learning To Drive (?) & Kevin Bowling Down Decorations!”

  1. That is funny about 3 sets of visits not noticing the picture being upside down…..
    Or maybe (WE) were just to kind to mention it🤭


  2. Leave it to Kevin to Think Outside Box! I can’t believe you are able to drive the truck! And you are always so festive in your holiday decorating, can’t wait to see your next post! Merry Christmas 🎄🎁


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