1 Year Of Full-Time Traveling!

Yesterday was the one year mark when we started traveling Full-Time. Before that, we had camped more than 180 days in less than 18 months so yes, we had a good idea that we would like this lifestyle. And, we sure have! Thank you, Readers, for coming along with us through my travel journal which is part of this blog. Kevin and I love sharing our journey with you. Now, how about a “brief” HA reminder of the year….

Kevin and I tease each other that he “needed a desk” and so we went from a 25 ft Shadow Cruiser to a 36 ft Alliance Avenue.

Going to NASCAR in Las Vegas was a blast! Even though I am deaf, I could feel the vibration of the cars. It reminded me of an old organ as the sound swells- that is what I felt as the cars zoomed past us.

This was our first time to the south rim of Grand Canyon. As the sun set, the wind blew dirt through the air and made for stunning photos.

We spent a few months parked in Flagstaff, AZ. From there, we were able to explore most all of the northern 1/2 of the state. This photo is near Leupp, Navajo Nation.

Boondocking (means without power, water, or sewer) at 8000 ft elevation outside of Flagstaff among the gorgeous Ponderosa Pines.

We thoroughly enjoyed Hopi Tribe’s Pow-Wow. They had a saying on some shirts they were selling that said, “Don’t worry, be Hopi.” The people were so friendly and a delight to visit with. (They allow us to take some photos.)

This sign cracks us up every time: “PP by the TP.” 🙂 In other words, the Pee Pee bathroom is by the Tipi.

See the twisty road? This drops you into Oak Canyon between Flagstaff and Sedona. It is a stunning drive and we drove it several times over a few months, just for fun and beauty. 🙂

Kevin and I are planners. In fact, we have plans and reservations set clear to the end of the year. However, we are also flexible. Stop when you see something interesting and here we did. This is Hubbell Trading Post. It has a fascinating history and is a working trading post even now. Inside the visitor center was a lady working on a loom, and on her cell phone. Kevin laughed because that is what I do when I am quilting…take a break, check my phone. HAHAHA

Jerome, AZ started out with several mines. The views from high on the mountain, down to the valley, are breathtaking. You see the red rocks of Sedona and the clouds rolling past. This town is on the side of a mountain and it keeps sliding. In fact, the jail has slidden more than 150 ft down the mountain. It is quite a vibrant little town with shops, restaurants, and museums.

After camping with my brother at Hualapai Mountains we found we had time to go to the 4th of July festivities. An outdoor laser light show instead of fireworks = awesome! Nicely done, Flagstaff, AZ.

What do you do if you aren’t sure if Starlink is working, due to leaves budding out at the campground? Well, of course, you drive out to the middle of no where, turn on the generator to power Dishy of Starlink, set Dishy on top of the truck, and then open up your laptop and watch a movie! In case you are wondering, yes, it was amazingly fast! HAHAHA

Walnut Canyon was an amazing walk. See the Native American dwellings there in the side of the canyon? They sure had a climb up and down.

Some Native American dwellings were on top of large dirt mounds. This is Tozigoot National Monument.

Montezuma Castle National Monument was stunning. I can’t imagine how people got up there!

Did anyone else think like Kevin did when he was younger and thought Petrified Forest National Park had trees standing up, you know, a “forest”?

Farm equipment stopped for the night. This was in Dodge City, KS.

Fall is a great season to visit Missouri. The color of the leaves are so beautiful. If you haven’t already, go back and read Kevin’s memories of growing up in Missouri. He shared them in the blog when we were visiting there.

Old Towne Albuquerque, NM. Across from the square is a gorgeous Catholic Church. We weren’t able to tour it because it was closed for renovations but we were able to visit the small museum. We were so intrigued, we bought a book of the journal of one of the nuns. It is a fascinating read.

Santa Barbara, CA was a great place to visit. We liked the delicious seafood, the museums, the Christmas Light Parade and of course just watching and being mesmerized by the ocean.

View from our campsite at Malibu Beach RV Park, Malibu, CA. What a place to be for Christmas and New Years Day!

Are you still reading along? 😉 I know, this was long but I just wanted to grab a few photos to remind you where we have been. It has been a great 1st year of traveling Full-Time. Hears to another great year! Are you ready? 🙂


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    1. Thank you! The laser light show was really something spectacular to see. It was our first time. It is a great alternative, in my opinion, to fireworks where fires can easily start.

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