Hanging Out In The Desert.

Bubbles? Read About It At The End Of This Blog. 02/23

After we left Lake Havasu, AZ we got set up at Davis Dam Camp Park. I saw online the history of this place. This campground is the exact site where the town was for the people building Davis Dam starting in 1946. So cool – even the same roads in the same spots. There were more than 100 houses back then. Most of the houses were actually picked up and moved to areas south of here once another city started up and Davis Dam Camp was changed to surplus property. There are a few houses remaining and are still lived in.

View From Inside Our “Home On Wheels” Colorado River, AZ 01/23
View From Inside Our 5th Wheel, Colorado River, AZ 01/23

We have a good campsite. Looking out our living room windows, which face west, north and south, we see a dry marsh, a day area across the river, and the Colorado River. The sunsets were beautiful over the mountains. 

Quilt I Am Making (With Reflections From The Sun!HA) Bullhead City, AZ 01/23

The next day I was able to do some sewing. I used the fabric with the black background, one with colored stars and one with colored dots. Also added the fabric that went with it with a blue background and colored swirls. I did a 3-Yard quilt pattern. It was fast and easy.

Colorado River, Bullhead City, AZ 01/23

At one point, Kevin needed to pick up a delivery at Dollar General. Low and behold, who is there? The lady that worked at the Dollar General where we dropped off Fed Ex all the time in Needles, CA last Spring! It was like ole home week! We had a quick catch up; she is working in this new store now. It is so fun to run into people we have met along our travels.

Looking Towards Davis Dam, Colorado River, Bullhead City, AZ 01/23

Part of the great fun of this travel-life is meeting people. Whenever Kevin goes outside here at Davis Dam Camp, he talks with the guy across the road. Everyday the guy “slowly” drinks his 6 pack of beer during the day and then later says, “Well, guess I’ll go in and watch a little TV. Before bed.” HAHA Slow, southern drawl.

No Words, Just Beauty. Bullhead City, AZ 02/23

On Saturday we were off to Quartzsite, AZ and the RV Big Tent Show! The sun was just coming up over the mountains and made a pretty sight. Loaded with diesel, soda, and donuts, we headed south on 95. Now, let me remind myself here…whoever made the road names in Arizona obliviously didn’t talk with the one making the road names in California! Both have Hwy 95, both run right next to Colorado river and state line! It can get confusing! Anyway, we took AZ-95, then CA-95, then over to Parker and on AZ-95. HAHA The 2.5 hour drive seemed to go by quickly. Parts of the way down were new to us. We scored a parking spot two rows from the front entrance! Since the show had just opened for the day, there were few people around but it quickly got busy. We were very glad to be there at the start of the day so we could ask questions at different vendor booths. We spoke with people at booths for batteries, cleaning outside of RVs, Thousand Trails, Escapees, metal detectors, and on and on.  Next we went outside to the booths. We decided to get some ice cream for lunch. 🙂 While in line for Tasty’s ice cream, a guy next to us walked over and asked if we are on YouTube. Nope. He said we look really familiar to him. (I have one of those faces that people feel they know me or have seen me before.) He was very nice and looked a bit puzzled. There was a nice seating area under a canopy for those eating ice cream. It took a while to eat- they were huge!

Interesting Tw0-Tone Rock Mountain! Bullhead City, AZ 01/23

A ride was our thing to do the next day. While driving yesterday, over Route 66 east of Oatman, I saw on my Garmin RV 1090 the name of a road, Silver Creek. That road goes down the mountain and into town. We should drive it. 🙂 The road started as paved but then quickly turned to dirt. There were lots of signs saying not to shoot guns within a mile of the road…those signs were riddled with bullet holes! HAHA (Not funny but kind of funny!) We saw a lot of dirt roads perfect for ATVs and there were quite a few ATVs out and about.

Gorgeous Green At Around 3000 Ft Elevation. Outside Of Bullhead City, AZ 01/23

The higher elevation we got, the more green wild grass we saw growing all around. That is cool; it is February!

Perhaps A Tribute? Saw Along Dirt Road, Outside Of Bullhead City, AZ 01/23

It one point, we saw a guy with a Jeep; he was outside by the tire. Kevin said he thought the man was airing-down the tires but we stopped to check to see if he needed anything. He was very appreciative and said so, and yes, he was just airing-down the tires. When we joined the blacktop – Route 66 – we went down through Oatman and saw a few burros in the street. It was a great drive.

Colorado River, Bullhead City, AZ 02/23

One evening we walked to the south end of this campground and down to the beach. We saw ducks in the Colorado River. They would float down stream, bobbing their heads and bodies into the water getting food. Then, at the same place, all of them (there were almost 100), would turn in a nice, wide, sweeping curve and head up stream. They would paddle to stay in one place for a minute then a group would fly north to where they started. It was fascinating to watch! Almost like a human carnival ride: gather up, okay, go.

Yikes: Took a walk along Colorado River one evening. We saw where the Colorado River has an overflow to the side. In between the river and this overflow is what looks like an island. The overflow part was dry. Kevin headed us over there and was going to get on the top of the “island” to see the other side of the river. We looked and water came slowly moving towards us on the dry part.

As you can see, the area quickly filled in with river water. I said, “Hum, must have rained somewhere up north.” Kevin said, “Or, eh, they turned the faucet at the dam.” HAHAHAHAHA We have never seen a large river rising slowly before! Very interesting.

Bullhead City, AZ 02/23

I leaned down to take a picture of the sun behind a tree with a reflection in this little way. Looking at the picture, I got photobombed! By bubbles! It is the funniest thing. Doesn’t even look real. 🙂

You can see the “bubbles” here from this view. 🙂


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