Pre-Evacuation & Evacuation Update

Note: This travel journal entry is from the week before we were evacuated. You can read that crazy story from last Friday’s blog post. Update below. Pre-Evaucation we were in the San Diego, CA area.

Path Leading To Garden At Mission San Diego De Alcala, San Diego, CA 02/23

We went to Mission San Diego De Alcala. This building was completed in 1813. It was the relocation site of Alta California’s 1st Mission. The night before we came we watched a very informative video of the history on the Mission’s website. It was good to have that information before we went and saw. We knew there were several masses going on today and we definitely didn’t want to be a distraction. We started at the gift shop. She was so friendly, gave us a map and a time between the services that would work for us to see inside the church. We walked out and I saw a sign saying $8.00 per adult. We went back into the gift shop to pay but she said we didn’t have to pay today. Very kind. 

Mission San Diego De Alcala, San Diego, CA 02/23

The white walls of the church were brilliant white against the blue sky. Beautiful!  We saw the 5 bells and read they are rung together once a year for a celebration. Later Kevin heard one bell ring at the start of the next service/mass.

Church Bells Reflecting In Old Brick Pathway, San Diego, CA 02/23

It had rained right before we got there and there were puddles everywhere. I got photos of bricks, worn down in the middle – the shape of sandals – with reflections of the bells. The grounds were beautiful, of course, with several very peaceful gardens. When the church had cleared out, mostly, we walked into the side door (following the guidance of the map). We stepped inside but we saw people praying so we left. We wanted to be respectful and didn’t want to to intrude. As we were finished up walking around it started to slowly drop rain.

Taking Wool From Sheered To Sewing, San Diego, CA 02/23

We then decided to go to Old Town San Diego. I didn’t expect much from this place. We both thought it would be old-looking buildings selling tourist stuff. Were we wrong! This place was great. We got parked in the free parking lot close by and then walk to the grounds.

Old Town San Diego Shop With Potbelly Stove In The Middle, San Diego, CA 02/23

The buildings were just like back when. All workers are dressed in period costumes. Some buildings had burned and been restored. Each building had some history in it.

“Secrets Within The Walls” San Diego, CA 02/23

Have you ever heard about a document being found in a wall more than 100 years old?! The story in the picture above was a great discovery! Incredible!

My Favorite Candy! San Diego, CA 02/23

By this time it was around 3:00 pm and we were pretty much done. One more stop… Cousins’ Candy Shop where they have world famous handmade saltwater taffy. We were able to watch the workers wrap the fresh made taffy in wrappers. I “needed” some. Soon Kevin started looking at mine and I said, “NO way! Get your own.” “Ok” he said, laughing, and got his own bag.

Road Closed Past The Campground, Jamul, CA 03/23

On one day the road in front of the campground had signs “Road Closed” and barriers across because the creek was completely flooding over the road. Then to my shock? I big box truck just drove right on through and all the other vehicles, probably 8. No one pulled over nor turned around. They didn’t even slow down. Kevin said he would drive through it; I said I wouldn’t because I follow rules. HAHA Silence…crickets… 

As we were ready to leave on travel day I went to take the trash to the dumpster and I didn’t know where the dumpster was. I asked Kevin and him being the most amazing man grinned and said, “I  am so glad you don’t know where the dumpsters are!” That is because he is so loving and always takes out the trash. The morning was sunny. Kevin did amazing driving through all of Los Angeles! The traffic wasn’t bad at all this Sunday morning. Not too crowded and only slowed down a bit where I-5 and I-10 go down to two lanes (bad design!) and then just north of Burbank. 

Giant Waterslide? Kevin Wishes It Was! Sylmar, CA 03/23

At one place we saw water rushing down an open canal. It turns out it is the Los Angeles Aqueduct. It looks like a giant waterslide and Kevin wants to ride. 

Freeway Lanes On Opposite Sides, Castaic, CA 03/23

We came upon a very unique thing: at Castaic, I-5 north was on the left side and I-5 south was on the right side. It just seemed odd. Kevin came up with a good reason – and he was right – it is too much of a grade, because it is steep, for one side so they built it on the other. The south bound lanes, on the right side, were definitely way up higher than the north bound. Anyway, interesting. You can read about it here:

Orchards, Bakersfield, CA 03/23

After getting set up a campground for the night we drove 12 minutes to Coalinga,CA. We passed the state prison and state hospital. I told Kevin that I remembered seeing signs “don’t pick up hitchhikers” and would know that meant there was a prison around. Apparently I said the word wrong and Kevin did the biggest belly laugh I have seen in years! I said, “high-checkers”. He kept having me repeat it and then he would go into his fit of laughter. It was awesome! And no, there wasn’t a sign to not pick up hitchhikers. HAHA We ate at New China Restaurant. The food was very good and we must have been hungry, only had snacks during the day, because we consumed all the food! Kevin’s fortune cookie gave us laugh: Happiness is found in those things that make you happy. HAHAHA Well, duh. On the way home, Kevin asked me, “What are you not suppose to pick up near a prison?” Just to hear me say “high-checkers”. Silly guy. I laughed too!

Hum, Duh? HAHA Coalinga, CA 03/23

Update: Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA ended up having cancellations so we were able to stay here through the time we were suppose to be at San Benito Campground. That campground is still closed from the flooding. The campground where we have reservations for next (on 03/26/23)? Yeah- it is still closed from the flooding as well! That place hasn’t told us they are closed. They even sent the email to do a pre check in and I did. It is only by us being vigilant that we even knew it was closed. So yesterday (3/23/23) was a busy day of finding new places to stay. It has worked out and I can’t wait to share that with you in the next post. We are so thankful for each other, for our home (home-on-wheels) that is with us and has no damage, and for those unexpected changes that can open up new places to see and things to do. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Pre-Evacuation & Evacuation Update”

  1. You guys are a barrel of laughs! How wonderful to enjoy the happenings of every day life – especially when things don’t go according to plan. I love the picture of the white mission against the blue sky, and the one with the reflection of the church bells is quite unique. Good for you for noticing that and capturing it. Thank you for being respectful of those in prayer. I will keep that in mind should we ever visit missions and/or churches. I look forward to your next post. And oh yea, I love candy stores, too.

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