Pinnacles N.P. & Monterey, CA

A few days after being evacuated due to flooding in California: It was forecasted to rain later so Kevin suggested we drive to Pinnacles National Park this morning. It was a gloriously beautiful morning- sun shining and everything looks spring-fresh. Pinnacles is about 40 miles south of where we are at in Hollister, CA. We knew we wouldn’t do the hikes to the Pinnacles because of severe rainstorms coming.

Pinnacles National Park, Paicines, CA 03/23

We stopped at the store and he got his National Park passport stamped. The ranger told us the original volcanos that started these pinnacles were 100 miles away and moving due to being on the fault. Pacific plate is going under the Sierra Nevada plate. I find that so fascinating.

Look At All The Holes! Woodpecker, Paicines, CA 03/23

We were told Bear Gulch is the best place to drive since we aren’t hiking. We went there and walked around. Kevin spotted an acorn woodpecker and was mesmerized watching it. I loved watching him watch the bird.

I Love The Happiness On Kevin’s Face, Paicines, CA 03/23

We soon headed back home. It rained a little throughout the afternoon but the clouds were sure dark just north of us.

This Old Barn Just Needed To Have A Picture Taken! Tres Pinos, CA 03/23

We walked to Casa de Fruta restaurant for dinner from our campsite. It took less than 5 minutes. We laughed about if it started raining when we were walking home: he said I would ask him to walk all the way and get the truck and come back and pick me up, but I said I would call Lyft/Uber. HAHAHA

Low Clouds On A Beautiful Morning. Hollister, CA 03/23

Today was sunny and warm and we went to explore Monterey, CA. So excited for this place. I have heard about it, we drove past years ago, but never stopped. The fog hugged the mountains in the valley of Hollister. The green grass and yellow wildflowers really popped. We saw workers in the fields. Driving along the coast we see it is a lot of sand dunes there and some are pretty tall. I had read last night the website for Old Fisherman’s Wharf and it is good thing, as they gave detailed instructions and GPS points where to park. That helped since there is construction in some of the parking lots. We got there really early with only a few cars in the lot.

Old Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, CA 03/23

We walked along the harbor path and a short distance away to Old Fisherman’s Wharf. Beautiful clear skies, blue water, colorful boats, and bright colored buildings over the water. The water is extremely clear and we can see the bottom quite a ways out.

The Custom House, Monterey, CA 03/23

We stopped at The Custom House. This is the oldest government building in California. From 1822-1846 Monterey was the capital city for Mexico. On July 7, 1846 the US military raised the US flag there. A sign is at the door: “Earthquake Warning – this is an unreinforced masonry building. Unreinforced masonry building may be unsafe in the event of an earthquake.” The wharf was built of stone in 1846 and was later used for commercial fishing in the early 1900s.

Old Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, CA 03/23

We looked across the harbor and saw another pier with a long wooden building. There were vans, crates, and all sorts of happening there. It is the Monterey Fish Company, Monterey Abalone Company and Robbie’s Ocean Fresh Seafood. Kevin said it was so very loud with all the seals talking. I am deaf so it was quiet to me! HAHA The seals would gather there as something was thrown into the water for them to eat. They were enjoying whatever it was.

A Colorful “Train” Monterey, CA 03/23

It was fun to walk past the shops on the wharf. One point we saw a train coming right at us. Well, it was a train of garbage dumpsters all hooked together. Bright colors of lime green, and blue and black. It was funny but a smart way to move them.

Harbor View Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This! Monterey, CA 03/23

For lunch we ate at Rockfish Harbor Grill. We were the first ones there and they gave us the best spot, they said, right at the end corner with great views. I had fish tacos and Kevin had shrimp Alfredo. We both said it was fine but not worth the price. Rated: Once A Year. However, the views were worth the cost. This weekend is Whalefest Monterey. Lots of booths set up, performers of music, synopsis, all made for a people drawing event.

Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 03/23

We decided to walk the 1/2 mile to Cannery Row. Kevin likes when old buildings are repurposed. This place has a lot of history. It was incredibly busy with people everywhere.

Is That Part Of The Statue? Monterey, CA 03/23

At one point we saw a statue of several people. At the top was a seagull on the man’s head. It was holding still and looked to be part of the statue! HAHA By this time the sky was getting cloudy but it wasn’t cold at all. Fun to look at the old building bustling with people going through all sorts of shops. Down by the water it was fun to see people playing in the sand. 

So thankful the weather was pretty fine for exploring this weekend.


7 thoughts on “Pinnacles N.P. & Monterey, CA”

  1. You are doing some great exploring! Wonderful pictures, and the picture of the old barn made me smile. The view at the restaurant was great, and now you have captured it in a photo. Glad you had great weather, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What beautiful wharf views. So fun to revisit the buildings thru your eyes! Is the Monterey Bay Aquarium still there. Maybe you ll be an author after this western US trip featuring photos and your crafted dialogue that ties together each setting…love how you weave in personal thoughts and anecdotes that make us feel as though we’re riding along in your back seat! Stay safe and dry. 🌦️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathie! The aquarium is still there, and a popular attraction, but we didn’t go. Charla has a special eye for photography, and has always been great at writing.


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